by Kristofer Dan-Bergman
Each year, over the past three years, I have worked with different creative concepts of photographing a large number of people 
in one evening. ‘Space’, is the third installation of this series, 
which started with ‘Time Capsule’ and followed by ‘Yearbook’. Collectively, they compose what I call, ‘First Degree’, a project about people with whom I share one degree of separation.

The seed for “Space” was an idea for a documentary project, “Divided World,” which explores the divisions in our day to day life. I wanted to see if I could apply the documentary idea to a studio setting. After playing around with foam boards in the studio one night, I began to see what was interesting was not just the division but the space in which we live. So I decided to build a set, from wood, to create two bounded spaces, separated by a division. 

As I hammered the last nail in to the space my first guests, a wedding party, arrived…

… six hours and almost one hundred people later, the story board for the following piece was created…

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